Big Tech Must Protect Democracy: EU Drafts Misinformation Guidelines Ahead Of Elections



European Union officials have begun a process to compile guidelines for Big Tech companies to safeguard the democratic process as nearly a third of the world’s population goes to the polls this year.

The chief concerns are over the spread of disinformation, hate speech and other malicious attacks over social media platforms that could influence voters — with the U.S., U.K., South Korea and several European countries among the many contesting elections later in the year.

Thierry Breton, the EU Commission’s internal market commissioner, told lawmakers in Strasbourg: “We know that this electoral period is going to be targeted either via hybrid attacks or foreign interference of all kinds. We can’t have half-baked measures.”

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Identifying Deepfakes

The Commission has already notified Big Tech companies, including Google owner Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL)(NASDAQ:GOOG), Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ:META) and …

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