DeSantis Vs. Disney: Florida Governor Accuses Company Of Cronyism, Says ‘They Have Lost…We’re Moving Forward’



Florida Governor Ron DeSantis weighed in on the state’s standoff with entertainment giant Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:DIS) on Tuesday.

So Much Misinformation: Audit done by Florida state’s oversight board – the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District has uncovered a lot of cronyism when the district was controlled by Disney, DeSantis said in a CNBC interview. His comments came in the wake of the one-year anniversary of the governor signing the bill that created the CFTOD, which replaced the Disney-controlled board.

For the unversed, Disney previously had administrative control over the district, then called the Reedy Creek district, in which its Florida Theme Park is located. With Disney opposing the state’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law, it set itself on a warpath with the state and its governor. Then, the state passed the DeSantis-sponsored legislation to clip Mouse House’s power and transition the district administrative power to the newly-created CFTOD.

Not be cowed down, Disney filed a federal lawsuit alleging violation of its First Amendment Rights and victimization at …

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