Chinese Tech In Cars Now A Security Threat? Biden Says ‘Not Going To Let That Happen On My Watch’ As US Starts Probe



The White House on Thursday said that the United States has initiated an investigation into connected vehicles with technology from “countries of concern” including China in a bid to ensure national security.

What Happened: President Joe Biden in a statement noted that the connected cars from China could collect sensitive data which it could send back to China. These vehicles could even be remotely accessed or disabled thereby mandating the investigation, he said. The Secretary of Commerce will take action to respond to any risks identified, he added.

“China is determined to dominate the future of the auto market, including by using unfair practices.  China’s policies could flood our market with its vehicles, posing risks to our national security,” Biden said. “I’m not going to let that happen on my watch.”

The President further vowed actions to protect the domestic auto industry and its …

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