Alibaba, Tencent Spark Cloud Computing Showdown With Server Offers for ‘Palworld,’ a Hit Game Compared to ‘Pokémon With Guns



Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA) has quickly entered a cloud-computing race with Tencent Holdings Ltd (OTC:TCEHY), spurred by the unexpected success of the video game “Palworld,” developed by Japanese studio Pocketpair. 

Released on January 19 on Steam, “Palworld” sold over 8 million copies in under six days, challenging Pocketpair with server overload issues due to the game’s massive popularity. 

This game allows players to catch and raise creatures known as Pals, build structures, and engage in battles, earning the nickname “Pokémon with guns” among its global fanbase, including China, SCMP reports.

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