THC Cap Proposal Gains Momentum In Florida, Virginia To Treat Weed Like Alcohol As New York Cannabis Regulators Face Another Lawsuit



THC Cap Proposal Gains Momentum In Florida

A Florida bill aims to cap the level of delta-9 THC in cannabis products. The legislation is advancing in the state House as members of the Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee passed it in a 13-4 vote, reported Florida Politics.

However, the measure from Ralph MassulloHB 1269 — was amended to limit the psychoactive compound to a 30% level in pre-rolls and whole buds. The original legislation set the limit at 10%.

If this bill is approved, the maximum content of delta-9 THC in processed substances like vapes, shatter, and wax would be capped at 60%.

“We’re only at the beginning of understanding the benefits and harms of high-potency THC products,” Massullo said as he introduced the bill.

The new law would take effect 30 days after the year’s November election if voters approve an amendment to the state constitution that seeks to legalize and allow those aged 21 and older to possess, purchase or use marijuana products for …

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