Parallel To Biden’s Proposal, US Senate Proposes $118B Aid Package For Israel, Ukraine And Border Security



In a recent announcement, the U.S. Senate revealed a bipartisan aid proposal amounting to $118.2 billion for Ukraine, Israel, and U.S. border security, following a period of confidential discussions.

What Happened: The specifics of the aid package were disclosed by Senators on Sunday, as noted in a CNBC report. The proposed bill allocates $60.1 billion for Ukraine, $14.1 billion for Israel, and $20.2 billion for strengthening security at the U.S. border. Additional funding has been set aside for humanitarian assistance in conflict-stricken regions and defense operations in the Red Sea and Taiwan.

The proposal is almost parallel to President Joe Biden‘s original $105 billion aid package proposed in October, especially in terms of the funding proportions for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The new package, however, includes an additional $13 billion for border security.

“I urge Congress to come together and swiftly pass this bipartisan agreement. Get it to my desk so I can sign it into law immediately,” Biden said.

President Biden voiced his backing for the Senate’s bipartisan proposal on Sunday, urging Congress to expedite the passage of the agreement. A vote on the bill is set for Wednesday, as stated by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

“I know the overwhelming majority …

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