AI Titans Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia Collaborate With White House On Safety Standards



The Biden Administration is calling on a long list of tech companies and banking firms to tackle the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI).

Gina Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce, announced the creation of the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC). The effort unites a who’s who of AI developers with academics, researchers and civil society organizations.

The goal is to draft development and deployment guidelines, approaches to risk management and other safety issues.

“President Biden directed us to pull every lever to accomplish two key goals: set safety standards and protect our innovation ecosystem. That’s precisely what this consortium is set up to help us do,” Raimondo said.

Among the players involved are Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ:META), Microsoft Inc (NASDAQ:MSFT), Nvidia Corp (NASDAQ:NVDA), JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) and Citigroup (NYSE:C).

The full list of consortium participants is available here.

Key Measures Announced

Certain guidelines include the use of …

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