SPZI: JP Energy Global Sets Shipping Dates of Chicken Paws – $182,000,000 Revenues upon Shipment



CLEARWATER, Fla., Feb. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — JP Energy Global, PTE, LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary of JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz, Inc. (OTC:SPZI), confirmed the shipping dates to fulfill five (5) contracts for Grade A Chicken Paws to China. The total value of the contracts is $182,000,000 of revenues.

JP Energy Global commands approximately an 18% gross profit margin (more than $32,000,000 in its gross profits, before operating expenses), while avoiding currency risk – all transactions are in US dollars. JP Energy Global does not act as a broker. Its business model is to buy and to sell these select commodities acting as a principal, thus facilitating higher profit margins.

JP Energy Global sales team is currently in China coordinating the full operation with our valued customers.

As previously announced, a Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) and performance bond were granted to JP 3E Holdings, Inc., thus enabling unique contracts through KEB Hana Bank Singapore (KEB HBS). With its dedicated trade team, KEB HBS has the unique capacity to facilitate these transactions worldwide having the ability to facilitate transactions with China. The performance bond coupled with the documentary letter of credit ensures the payment to JP Energy Global, PTE, LTD. In this case, the product, Grade A Chicken …

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