New to The Street Signs General Enterprise Ventures, Inc. To 6-Part Media Series



NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FMW Media Corp.’s New to The Street announces signing a six-month media contract with General Enterprise Ventures, Inc. (OTC:GEVI) ($GEVI). New to the Street will produce and film interviews with GEVI’s Management and broadcast each segment on the FOX Business Network and Bloomberg TV as sponsored programming.

New to The Street’s TV anchors will talk with General Enterprises Venture, Inc.’s Management about the Company. This technology incubation entity provides merger and acquisition strategies and services for first-to-market and cutting-edge technology products and platforms.

Creative interviews will discuss the Company’s subsidiary, Mighty Fire Breaker, LLC. (MFB) that holds the intellectual property (IP) on environmentally friendly fire suppression solutions. Its CitroTech MFB 31 Technology (CitroTech) is a fire prevention spray product that can treat lumber and vegetation, making them non-combustible. CitroTech has numerous accreditations from governmental agencies as a non-toxic and non-hazardous spray inhibitory. In October 2023, Mighty Fire Breaker LLC won the EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award. All the MFB’s substances have Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making them safe for indoor and outdoor use. MFB has numerous patents and patents pending applications in the US and worldwide.

The Show’s producers will create and design each General Enterprise Venture’s televised series to keep viewers informed and updated accordingly, bringing attention to business fundamentals and ongoing successes. New to The Street’s social media team will share content, and all interviews will stream on the New to The Street website,

Joshua Ralston, CEO of General Enterprise Venture, Inc., …

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