FBI Director Warns Of China’s Cyber Threat, Labels Current Situation As ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’



The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray has issued a stark warning about the scale of China’s cyber threat to the United States, calling it a national security threat.

What Happened: During the annual security conference in Munich, Wray cautioned that China’s covert placement of offensive malware in U.S. critical infrastructure networks is now at “a scale greater than we’d seen before,” reported The Wall Street Journal on Sunday. He highlighted the Volt Typhoon, a Chinese hacking network, which has been dormant within the U.S. critical infrastructure.

Wray stated that the pre-positioned malware could be activated at any time to disrupt the U.S. critical infrastructure. He described this as “the tip of the iceberg” and one of many similar efforts by China.

He refrained from specifying which other critical infrastructure had been targeted, emphasizing that the FBI is actively investigating the matter.

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Wray’s warning is the latest in a series of public alerts by senior officials in the Biden administration about China’s advanced and well-resourced hacking capabilities. Western intelligence officials have noted a significant increase in the scale and sophistication of China’s cyberattacks …

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