Å Entelios and Solar Power Accelerator enter into a strategic collaboration for the expansion of Energy as a Service including solar plants and energy storage systems



MALMÖ, Sweden, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Å Entelios, a Nordic power supplier and electricity trading company, enters into a strategic collaboration with Swedish Solar Power Accelerator to expand the rollout of commercial and industrial (C&I) solar power and energy storage systems by offering customers Energy as a Service (EaaS).

EaaS offers a comprehensive suite of services to commercial and industrial real estate owners and industries. These services encompass planning, procurement, financing, operation, service, and maintenance for solar plants and battery storage solutions. This frees customers from having to make any large upfront capital expenditure and instead, they get help with everything from A to Z in a subscription-based model. Additionally, in select cases, EaaS also includes EV-charging infrastructure.

EaaS predicates long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) designed to empower businesses in several impactful ways:

Cost reduction: EaaS enables businesses to trim energy expenses by reducing reliance on grid energy, thereby lowering grid costs.
Income generation: Businesses can generate new revenue streams by participating in flexibility markets.
Carbon Footprint Reduction: EaaS promotes cleaner energy alternatives, contributing to environmental sustainability and reducing greenhouse …

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