Biden Forgives $1.2B In Student Debt For 150K Borrowers Hit By Specific Issues



The Biden administration has announced the forgiveness of $1.2 billion in student loans, relieving more than 150,000 borrowers.

What Happened: The forgiveness is part of a program introduced by President Joe Biden‘s administration in January, aimed at easing the burden on Americans who have been repaying for at least ten years. This initiative, called the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) plan, will clear the debts of those who borrowed less than $12,000 for their higher education, reported Bloomberg on Wednesday.

The total amount of relief approved by the Biden administration now stands at nearly $138 billion, benefiting 3.9 million borrowers. This number may increase as more individuals become eligible for forgiveness under the SAVE program, which currently has 6.9 million participants.

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Despite these efforts, they fall short of …

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