Immunovia Publishes Full Year Report for 2023



LUND, Sweden, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —

 October-December 2023

Net sales, which for the quarter only included royal- ties, amounted to kSEK 155 (502).
Net earnings were MSEK -49 (-67) and earnings per share before and after dilution were SEK -1.08 (-2.97).
Cash Flow from operating activities amount MSEK -28 (-51).
Cash and equivalents at the end of the period amounted to MSEK 77 (106).
On October 3, the Company announced that the Nomination Committee had been appointed to consist of the following persons who together represent 7,52 percent of the total number of outstanding shares and votes in the company as of September 30, 2023: Sara Ek, Carl Borrebaeck and Mats Leifland.
On October 27, the Company gave notice that an extraordinary general meeting was to take place on November 21.
On November 7, the Company announced that the discovery phase of next generation test was successfully completed.
On November 21, the Company announced that Melissa Farina and Valerie Bogdan-Powers had been elected as new board members at the extraordinary general meeting. An adoption of an equity incentive program for the Company’s management and key personnel along with an equity incentive program for the Company’s board of directors were resolved.

Significant events after the period

On January 31, the Company announced that Norma Alonzo Palma had been appointed as the new Vice President of Clinical and Medical Affairs.

CEO’s comments

I am proud to report on the transformation Immunovia accomplished in 2023. We have made substantial and rapid progress in developing our next-generation test. We have new leadership and a significantly smaller, more agile, and more productive organization. We have leveraged external partnerships to secure expertise and increase productivity and are exploring commercial partnerships to be ready for marketing and selling our next-generation test. We transitioned from the proprietary IMMray platform to leading lab platforms to lower costs and move faster. At the same time, Immunovia’s legacy assets—our relationships with top researchers and our industry-leading biobank of blood samples—have propelled our progress. Our interactions with key opinion leaders, clinicians, and individuals at high risk for pancreatic cancer have proven there is a robust demand for an early detection blood test.

In 2024 our key priorities are to finalize development of our new test, prove its value in clinical studies, and secure the resources and commercial partnerships to bring our test to the market in 2025. The size of the pancreatic cancer surveillance market, the growing need for early detection and the promise of our R&D efforts fuel optimism as we confront the realities of our resource challenges.

The market for early detection of pancreatic cancer in high-risk individuals is large and growing, and there is proven market demand for a simple blood test
Immunovia is targeting a very large total addressable market. We estimate that over 1.8 million people in the U.S. alone are at high-risk for pancreatic cancer. Our immediate focus is the more than 600,000 individuals at high risk due to a family history of pancreatic cancer and genetic mutations. Of these, more than 80% are not undergoing regular surveillance due to a lack of awareness, poor compliance with imaging, limited access to high-risk surveillance centers, and a general dissatisfaction with current surveillance methods. A simple blood test to detect pancreatic cancer can overcome these barriers, detect pancreatic cancer earlier, and save lives.

The market for pancreatic cancer surveillance is growing and pancreatic cancer cases are rising, putting more family members at risk. Growth in genetic testing is identifying more people with hereditary mutations at risk for pancreatic cancer. A blood test for pancreatic cancer is a scalable solution to meet the increasing need for surveillance.

Our experience in recent years makes it clear that there is a large and significant unmet need in early detection of pancreatic cancer. We …

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