So Close Yet So Far Away: Kansas Repels Marijuana Policy Reform As Arkansas Embraces It



Kansas and Arkansas are not far from each other on the map, but their stance on cannabis is worlds apart.

A member of the Kansas House of Representatives introduced an amendment this week to a broader drug bill that would have removed cannabis from the state’s controlled substances law.

“This amendment essentially removes marijuana—cannabis—from the schedule entirely,” Rep. Silas Miller (D), who is behind the effort, said this week. The measure didn’t seek to legalize sales of marijuana or set up of new market.

However, Miller’s push to amend HB 2596 was killed in a 41–80 vote. The broader bill aligns the state’s controlled substances act with the federal Controlled Substances Act – a process conducted annually in Kansas, writes Marijuana Moment’s Ben Adlin.

For now, Kansas remains one of the last strongholds of prohibition, with its Senate and House yet to agree on the …

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