Utah Considers Defunding Agencies That Discriminate Against Medical Marijuana Patients, Arizona Wants To Sell Weed Across State Lines & More Cannabis Regs



Arizona Wants To Sell Cannabis Across State Lines

A new Arizona measure seeks to allow cannabis to be sold across state lines, though House Bill 2770 from Rep. Justin Wilmeth is contingent on the legalization of cannabis on the federal level, reported ABC15 Arizona.

“What this measure is trying to do is trying to get Arizona to that point to where they can be at the start line so that when the feds wave the flag they can start competing and start selling immediately across state lines,” said Wilmeth, who chairs the House Commerce Committee.

The Arizona move follows Oregon, Washington and California which have similar legislation in place pending federal policy change.

“So when the feds eventually, and the experts say within the next 3-5 years for sure, we will be able to have our business be able to compete immediately when this happens,” Wilmeth said.

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Rhode Island Gov. Aims To Ease Tax Burden On Cannabis

Rhode Island Governor Daniel McKee is seeking to separate state and federal tax policy for the cannabis industry. Some states already opted to bypass the IRS code known as 280E under which cannabis operators are not eligible for tax deductions for businesses as they work …

Full story available on Benzinga.com


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