PKP Intercity expands its rolling stock traveling at 200 km per hour



PKP Intercity signed or awarded contracts for 200 km/h locomotives and railcars in early 2024. The carrier’s fleet will be strengthened by 95 state-of-the art locomotives and 450 railcars that can run at 200 km/h. 

WARSAW, Poland, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PKP Intercity is implementing its €6.25 billion ‘Large Projects Railway’ strategy to solely run a fleet of vehicles reaching speeds of 160 km/h or more. More than 60% of locomotives and nearly 50% of railcars are to run at 200 km/h. 

This represents a major upgrade of the PKP Intercity fleet at both quantitative and qualitative levels. The latest contracts will help the company offer a premium service allowing passengers to travel faster and more comfortably. 

Modern Locomotives

Earlier this year, PKP Intercity signed a contract for 63 multi-system …

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