GOP Lawmakers Still Haggling Over Ohio’s Voter-Approved Cannabis Law, Medical Marijuana Fees Slashed To A Penny



As of March 4, Ohio’s annual registration fees for patients and caregivers now cost just one cent, down from $50 and $25 respectively. The kind gesture comes as Ohio limps toward implementing its November 2023 voter-approved cannabis law.

The Division of Cannabis Control (DCC), which called the one-cent fee a temporary measure, admittedly has bigger fish to fry, like getting the state’s legal weed program up and running.

The rollout of adult-use marijuana sales is in a frustrating cycle of legal delays. The latest DCC plan is looking at September though Gov. Mike DeWine (R) and like-minded lawmakers want to expedite the process by allowing existing medical marijuana dispensaries to begin selling to adult consumers far sooner. Sounds good on paper but political tensions have kept the issue in a tight grip.  

What’s The Problem?

Within a week after the Nov. election when 57% of Ohioans voted to legalize adult-use cannabis, the GOP-led Senate and Gov. DeWine began immediately to change the initiative, known as Issue 2, by creating their very own …

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