ITANDI and RENOSY (Thailand) Collaborate and Begin Development of a Real Estate SaaS Business in Thailand



Aiming to strengthen the foundations of the property management DX business in the Southeast Asia region

TOKYO, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GA Technologies Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President, Representative Director and CEO: Ryo Higuchi, Stock Code: 3491; the “Company”) hereby announces that ITANDI, Inc., a group company, and another group company RENOSY (Thailand) Co., Ltd. have decided to collaborate and start business development in the Kingdom of Thailand (“Thailand,” hereafter), with details as follows.

ITANDI will leverage the track record and expertise it has developed in Japan with its real estate tech business including SaaS service with the aim of expanding business in the area. To establish a default standard in the Southeast Asia region where real estate digital infrastructure is underdeveloped, ITANDI will further accelerate the global development of online real estate.


The GA technologies Group company ITANDI, which develops platforms including systems that improve business efficiency for the real estate rental management and rental brokerage sectors, has employed technology to streamline real estate transactions. As a result, it has become the most used brokerage firm in four real estate lease management services (*1) with sales revenue exceeding 3.0 billion yen. The number of companies that use its services is approximately 2,700(*2) and the number of online lease applications is approx. 970,000(*3) cases per annum, representing a market share of approximately 30% in lease applications nationwide (*4). In this way, ITANDI has been promoting the digital transformation of the entire real estate leasing industry.

Meanwhile, the Company’s group company RENOSY (Thailand) Co., Ltd., which maintains a top market share in the real estate rental brokerage business for foreign residents in Thailand(*5), has developed a cumulative user base of 18,500 people, targeting foreigners with a focus …

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