Tokmanni-Europris Global Buying Operation Expands Partnership with TradeBeyond, Further Boosting Supply Chain Efficiency and Transparency



HELSINKI, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Finnish discount retail chain Tokmanni and its Norwegian counterpart Europris are touting significant advancements in their supply chain management and sustainability initiatives through their ongoing partnership with TradeBeyond.

Before implementing TradeBeyond’s leading multi-enterprise platform in 2021, Tokmanni-Europris managed its vast array of private brand products using manual processes, spreadsheets, and emails. Recognizing the need for digitalization to enhance tracking, tracing, and low unit costs, the companies turned to TradeBeyond to modernize and streamline its supply chain operations.

Having greatly benefited from its phase 1 implementation of TradeBeyond, Tokmanni-Europris is now taking advantage of the platform’s expanded capabilities, leveraging TradeBeyond’s real-time integrations with quality partners SGS and Bureau Veritas and amfori …

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