GOP Lawmakers Rally Behind Cannabis Social Equity Licenses In Arizona, Nation’s Strictest Medical Marijuana Law And More



South Carolina’s Medical Marijuana Policy That Raised Eyebrows Up For Debate

South Carolina lawmakers are pushing for medical cannabis policy reform yet again. However, this time around, a measure green-lighted by the state Senate last month is viewed by many as the “most restrictive cannabis law in the country,” reported WCIV ABC News 4.

The latest version of the Compassionate Care Act, introduced by Sen. Tom Davis (R), is being referred to the House Committee on Medical, Military and Municipal Affairs and debated as it faces amendments. It would not legalize the smoking of cannabis but would make it legal for patients with specific conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, sickle cell anemia, autism and diagnoses related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“It’s not California, it’s not Colorado, it’s not a liberal state’s cannabis bill. It is a conservative state’s medical cannabis bill with lots of regulation and lots of medical professional involvement,” Davis said.

Maine Cannabis Activists Push For Vital Industry Updates

In the meantime, a measure that seeks to amend cannabis laws in Maine had a hearing on Tuesday in Augusta, reported WABI.

According to the Office of Cannabis Policy, modifications to the state medical and adult-use cannabis programs that LD 40 proposes could put those under 21 at risk and pose additional issues when it comes to licensing, compliance and program management.

However, the Maine Cannabis Union disagrees, saying the updates to the existing …

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