Metasphere Labs Announces Joint LOI with Ecoblox, PureSky, and Bluesphere to Develop Carbon-Aware Routing Protocol



VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Metasphere Labs Inc. (formerly Looking Glass Labs Ltd., “Metasphere Labs” or the “Company“) (Cboe Canada: LABZ) (OTC:LABZF) (FRA: H1N) is thrilled to announce that it has entered into a joint Letter of Intent (“LOI“) dated June 6, 2024 with three pioneering companies, including Ecoblox, Pure Sky Registry LLC (“PureSky“), and Bluesphere Ventures Inc. (“Bluesphere“) to cofound a for-profit consortium dedicated to developing an innovative Carbon-Aware Routing Protocol. This initiative, initially announced by Metasphere Labs earlier this month, aims to optimize and offset the carbon footprint of internet and data center operations, making significant strides towards a sustainable digital future.

New Carbon-Aware Routing Protocol Initiative

The Carbon-Aware Routing Protocol will enable internet routers to dynamically select paths based on the carbon intensity of available network routes and manage offsets in real time. This initiative aims to address the critical need to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the growing electricity consumption of internet and data centers, driven by advancements in AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, and AR/VR applications. The protocol will consider not only network equipment but also the service layer, such as the NVidia GPU clusters that are central to innovations in AI and Web3 spaces. These clusters, known for their high-performance computing capabilities, will be integral to the protocol’s success in optimizing energy usage and reducing carbon emissions.

Collaborative Efforts with Leading Companies

Ecoblox, based in Dubai, is an industry expert in developing high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure and data center solutions. Their new product line of modular data centers offers rapid processing and seamless scalability, coupled with sustainability and efficiency through RDHx and liquid-cooling solutions, optimizing resource usage for a greener future.

PureSky, headquartered in Delaware, operates a carbon credit registry certified to meet the ISO 1400 carbon offset standards. All PureSky credits are guaranteed to have been audited by ISO-certified auditors, ensuring the highest levels of credibility and impact in carbon offsetting. The PureSky registry is run as a DAO on the Optimism Ethereum L2 blockchain. More information about PureSky can be found at

Bluesphere is a pioneering venture studio dedicated to driving positive environmental change through innovative projects and sustainable solutions. Their commitment to fostering groundbreaking environmental initiatives aligns perfectly with the goals of this consortium.

Metasphere Labs has also announced its intention to rebrand the planned launch of the CarbonBot media site as a component of the platform, under that brand. Metasphere Labs intends to use the brand CarbonBot and the domain as the name of the consortium, underscoring their commitment …

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