Iowa Lawmakers Risk Ruining Hemp Businesses With New Bill, Business Owner Explains Why



The success of Iowa hemp businesses is at stake if lawmakers decide to support a new measure that seeks to change the rules around the products they produce.

That’s according to business owners and farmers who are against House Study Bill 665, a legislation that was reviewed by lawmakers last week following its introduction.

On Wednesday, a three-member House subcommittee recommended the passage of the measure to additionally regulate hemp and hemp products, providing penalties, and making penalties applicable, reported Iowa Capital Dispatch.

It was proposed by the Department of Public Safety, seeking to allow the Department of Health and Human Services more supervision of the distribution of hemp-derived and cannabis products. Meaning, the bill would allow the agency to sanction businesses that violate state rules, including the sale of products with THC levels that exceed the state’s 0.3% limit.

The sale of products in a non-accepted form, such as …

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