Pudgy Penguins Series 2 Brings Collectible Coolness to Walmart Shelves!



Time to Expand Your Huddle with Pudgy Penguins Series 2!

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, Feb. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Pudgy Penguins fans’ collections are about to get even pudgier, with series 2 of the beloved huddle sliding onto shelves of Walmart in February and Target in March. The Web3-born brand turned must-have collectible line is back for the highly anticipated second series from PMI Kids’ World with new looks and designs.

Pudgy Penguins proved to be a smash hit even beyond the web! Last year, PMI Kids’ World brought the huddle to reality with a collectible toy line that quickly became an Amazon hot list chart-topper, selling half a million in toy sales within just a few days at the Pudgy Penguins storefront.

Following an immensely successful debut in series 1, which sold out on Amazon within 24 hours, launching series 2 brings more to fan-favorite Pudgy Penguins with new figures and plush lines. Each toy also includes a digital experience: an official, scannable, redeemable code that unlocks digital penguin customization using different trait boxes.

“Pudgy Penguins have truly taken on …

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