South Dakota Tightens THC Job Rules, New York’s Home Grow And Licenses, New Jersey’s Road To A Billion-Dollar Cannabis Market



South Dakota Tightens Job Rules For THC

Governor Kristi Noem signed a bill into law last week that allows employers in South Dakota to discipline workers in safety-sensitive roles, such as pilots, construction workers, healthcare professionals, teachers, nursing home employees and truck drivers among others, who test positive for THC.

However, SB 12 safeguards employees who are not working in safety-sensitive positions, by stipulating that “a registered qualifying patient who uses cannabis for a medical purpose shall be afforded all the same rights under state and local law, as the person would be afforded if the person were solely prescribed a pharmaceutical medication.”

The policy change builds on the state’s workplace drug law, as it also says that being disciplined or fired for violating a drug-free workplace policy can’t be used as a basis for claiming employment discrimination or wrongful termination, reported Marijuana Moment.

Gov. Noem recently approved a measure requiring South Dakota’s registered medical cannabis patients to acknowledge in writing that they are aware of being barred from owning a firearm in keeping with federal law.

Meanwhile, South Dakota-based Rosebud Sioux Tribe is launching its medical marijuana program, reported KELO.

According to Rosebud Sioux Tribe Communications’ announcement, patients 21 and older with a valid tribal medical cannabis card …

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