Trump Vs. Biden On Presidents’ Day: Cannabis Legalization Could Play As Big A Role As Their Ages



As the two leading presidential candidates are being scrutinized for their seemingly age-related foibles, no matter which one wins the White House in 2024, he will be the oldest person ever elected to the job, a record President Biden had previously set in 2020.

Joe Biden (81) and Donald Trump (77) are now (or will be) surrounded by colleagues of similar age, which has become a concern for some voters who would like to see the torch passed to a qualified candidate, specifically a non-octogenarian.

While it’s far more than cannabis reform voters are concerned about, it has become an important issue judging from a November 2023 Gallup Poll, which found that seven in 10 Americans think marijuana use should be legal.

Lost Opportunities

Both Biden and Trump have had opportunities to attract voters by legalizing or otherwise reforming cannabis laws but have chosen to only take baby steps or pay lip service to the …

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